Electronic Medical Record

Provide greater care for your patient with end-to-end technology in a medical record accessible from anywhere, secure and customizable to your needs.

Focus on care and relationship with your patient

The Ti.Saúde electronic medical record integrates online solutions to retain, attract and provide better care for your patient. Thus, we provide all the necessary resources for a better management of your healthcare institution.

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Electronic and Digital Documents


Better patient experience

Personalized patient portal with your clinic's logo and colors, with digital documents and upload of exams, photos, virtual check-in and unlimited telemedicine.

Revenue increase

Send personalized marketing campaigns and reminders, activate appointments and payments online.

Greater management

Business Intelligence and management reports for the control and management of your patients and your clinic, in real time.

Medical marketing

Better communication between you and your patient with automated messages.

Simplify your routine and manage your time better

Customized forms, automation of attendance forms and attendance reports.

Digital positioning

Currently, those who are not digital, do not exist. Therefore, it is essential to have a tool at hand that in addition to optimizing your daily life, can strengthen your digital presence.

"I have been using IT Saúde since the moment it was launched and it has been a great manager in my clinical practice."

Dr. Antônio Peregrino